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2017 CSA- closed.
Please sign up by April 28th. Send us email for sign-up form and cost. Two locations: 1) pick -up at Bedford Flatbread Pizza Co. on Tuesdays after 4 pm or: 2) pick-up at farm store in Hubbardston, the day - to be determined. Our CSA is great for 1-2 people.   Also: if you are going away for a week or two over the 16 week CSA; just send us an email 3 days or more in advance and we won't pack a bag for you...and will give you extra to make up for the missed week when you come back.)

To view a list of what we grew last year and offered in the Farm Packages, please contact us .Questions?   Email: [email protected]

Click here for a listing of 2017 vegetables being offered, along with links to sample pictures. Items subject to change depending on availability.

Click the following links to view the CSA sign-up forms:

Hubbardston Farm pick up 2017

Bedford Farm pick up 2017

Somerville Farm pick up 2017

We have organic vegetables, culinary herbs, small fruits, and cut flowers.  

To see a list of the vegetables in this year's CSA package, CLICK HERE


It is Community Supported Agriculture. It works this way: a farmer offers a certain number of "shares" of the farm's produce/products for sale at the beginning of the season. This typically consists of a box/bag of vegetables, and herbs, but as implies, other farm products may be included like eggs, jams, or flowers. Consumers purchase a membership and in return receive a weekly share of produce each week throughout the farming season( the number of weeks are defined by each farmer. Consumers get the freshest, picked at the peak of ripeness food - not shipped from across the country or stored for weeks. It allows consumers to get a season's worth of produce directly from a local farmer. Each CSA, like every farm, is different. Consumers can choose the one that matches their food preferences, length of season, and cost.

Sample of a July 2016 Weekly   Share: summer squash, lettuce or summer kale, tomatoes, broccoli, fresh bunch of herbs, yellow raspberries.