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2019 CSA sign-up open through May 25th.
 Send us email for sign-up form. Cost for CSA is same as 2017. Our CSA is a medium size share meant for 1 -2 people. Usually starts 3rd week in June and runs for 16 weeks.

Questions?   Email: [email protected]

Click here for a listing of 2018/19 vegetables being offered, along with links to sample pictures. Items subject to change depending on availability.

Offering a fixed or flexible CSA share this year.

 Flexible means you pay the amount for a share, and can use your credited amount for whatever produce you want, and when you want it. Must be used by Thanksgiving. It helps me know how much to grow, and that you support our farm.

Fixed means you get a weekly bag of produce for 16 weeks of what's in season.

Both CSA choices receive weekly email on Thursdays indicating what will be in the share/ or what is available for flex members.


It is Community Supported Agriculture. It works this way: a farmer offers a certain number of "shares" of the farm's produce/products for sale at the beginning of the season. This typically consists of a box/bag of vegetables, and herbs, but as implies, other farm products may be included like eggs, jams, or flowers. Consumers purchase a membership and in return receive a weekly share of produce each week throughout the farming season( the number of weeks are defined by each farmer. Consumers get the freshest, picked at the peak of ripeness food - not shipped from across the country or stored for weeks. It allows consumers to get a season's worth of produce directly from a local farmer. Each CSA, like every farm, is different. Consumers can choose the one that matches their food preferences, length of season, and cost.

Sample of a July 2017,0r 2018 Weekly Share: 1 lb. summer squash, lettuce or summer kale, 1/2 to 2 lbs. tomatoes, broccoli, fresh bunch of herbs, yellow raspberries.